Computational Aerosciences Lab

About us

We are a computational modeling group. We identify and work on critical modeling challenges relevant to real-world problems from a variety of perspectives. This includes innovations in physics-based modeling, data-driven paradigms, mathematical formalisms, algorithms, numerical methods, computer science, etc.

Our applications are centered around fluid flows, but we are continually expanding our domains (such as combustion, materials, fluid structure interaction, etc.) Our work targets modeling applications at a fundamental level as well as in an integrated system-level setting.

An overarching theme in our lab involves the development and application of "appropriate'' fidelity simulation and data-driven methods to answer a spectrum of scientific and engineering questions.

Read more about our work in these websites:

Center of Excellence on Rocket Combustion

Turbulence Modeling Gateway

Center for Data-driven Computational Physics

The Labgroup

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Research Projects

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Ph.D. Students

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students in all areas of computational modeling

Undergraduate Students

We also look forward to hosting talented undergraduate students under the SURE/SOP program.